Making training work

Strategic training tends to be more of a programme format that may also involve elements of coaching and consulting. Designed for outputs to be embedded into the client’s organisation the potential for results is high.

Tactical training tends to be based more around short courses and whilst the intervention may be less than a fully integrated programme outcomes can also be considered very effective.

Whatever is being delivered our commitment to ensuring the desired outcomes remains the same and is achieved through our approach and development process.

Most of our training is bespoke. We don’t believe in the ‘one size fits all’ approach, so even a more simple tactical intervention is tailored for the client. However, in our experience we know what works and the following courses provide the basis for our most popular offerings.

  • Introduction to Partnering Skills
  • Developing Your Partnering Skills
  • Using the VALUE Framework

And our flagship course

  • Selling Through Partnering Skills

Plus design and development of tailored training sessions


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