Partnering for Success

Managing the Distribution Channel

So, you’re responsible for managing distributors and other indirect sales, and you know just how challenging this can be.  It’s NOT the same as selling direct.

You’re under pressure to deliver results and grow sales. You’d like more sales, with less hassle.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • More than 50% of your distributors are missing their numbers or not meeting expectations
  • You have distributors that start out excited but soon lose interest
  • You have lots of distributors that eat up your time and resource, but seem to produce nothing
  • You have distributors that drive you and the rest of your organization crazy with last-minute crises, endless special requests, and new issues that keep cropping up
  • You’re frustrated because YOU understand where your distributors are coming from, but your organization seems tone-deaf and not really on board, leaving you wondering how in the world you’re supposed to make your numbers without any real support
  • You’re under constant pressure to deliver more sales growth, but should you terminate some of your distributors and find new ones, find distributors in more markets, or something else?

This is where we want you to be:

  • Your distributor sales are growing by double-digits.
  • Distributor sales becomes a strategic growth engine for your company.
  • You’re more in control of your selling activity
  • Your life is simpler as you put in less effort with much better results.
  • You have less stress and generate more time for other high-value activities.
  • Your chances of getting recognised and rewarded increase because of your sales results and because of the impressive skillset you’ve demonstrated to deliver those numbers
  • In short, you’re a hero!

Who Will Benefit

Channel Managers, Distributor Managers, Partner Managers and those with responsibility for driving sales through distributors and other indirect routes will benefit by developing their understanding of partnering intelligence. This can then be developed through our ‘Distributor Management Model’ designed to improve mission clarity, operational alignment and essential business development activity


How to Make Your Company a Better Partner

  • Why Distributor Management is essentially about Partnering
  • What’s a Partnership anyway?
  • Why you need Partnering skills

Introduction to the PQ (Partnering Intelligence)

  • How to measure your Partnering Skills and partnering style
  • The 6 measurable attributes of effective partnering
    • Ability to trust
    • Interdependence
    • Win/Win orientation
    • Self-disclosure and feedback
    • Comfort with change
    • Future orientation

Mission Clarity

  • Considering why you need to distribute
  • Establishing solid objectives
  • Designing a strategy for success
  • Developing tactics that will work
  • Using metrics to monitor progress

Operational Alignment – Looking IN and OUT

  • What is ‘Distribution Readiness’ and why is it so important?
  • The Pillars of Distribution Readiness (Product, People, Process, Package, Promise)
  • Mapping the Partner experience
  • Creating a Distributor charter
  • Using the Partnership canvas
  • Creating a compelling Partner Value Proposition
  • Designing a Recruitment package

Business Development


  • Essential activities to grow sales
  • The importance of a structured approach
  • Driving results through others
  • Using the PROM


  • Setting market goals
  • Defining a country strategy
  • Tactical aspects of local sales activity
  • Building the Management matrix


  • Recruiting vs. signing-up partners
  • Why you need a recruiting process
  • Profiling your ideal partners
  • How to develop your very own recruiting scorecard
  • How to find and efficiently ‘vet’ potential partners
  • Introducing the Business plan


  • Why onboarding is ‘make or break’ with a new partner
  • Why effective onboarding is much more than product training
  • How to shift costs to the distributor effectively
  • Why ‘tribal knowledge’ doesn’t work with distributors
  • What a ‘good’ onboarding program might look like


  • Adding ‘EXTRA’ to the relationship
  • Using the Management Matrix
  • Refining your business plan & ensuring accountability

Your Action Plan

  • Now v Future
  • Actions and Biggest Impacts
  • Way ahead