Support when its needed

We recognise that there are many things an organisation can do adopt a more effective selling through partnering approach and we are on hand to offer analysis into the selection of what can really make a difference. We can also help with ‘bandwidth’ so that the right things are delivered at the right time.

Often before a training solution is implemented there are broader issues that need to be addressed. This can include the design of the sales organisation, its strategy, value proposition, or other sales related ‘architectural’ issues. As such a some carefully targeted consultancy can help create a much more effective sales force.

Area we can assist include


  • Designing and delivering large roll out training programmes
  • Advising on setting up new sales KPIs with input and output metrics
  • Designing sales processes around the VALUE framework
  • Developing templates for selling through partnering activities
  • Reviewing sales management practices to assist selling through partnering skills
  • Integrating a VALUE based sales process to CRM
  • Developing tailored sales support toolkits using PQ
  • Aligning internal partnerships to support sales
  • Using PQ to strengthen business alliances and strategic partnerships

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