Making coaching effective

Coaching for sales, like selling itself, can be complex and involve a number of different elements. Sales coaching requires its own skill set, and unlike sales training – which might be periodic, formal and delivered to groups – sales coaching should be ongoing and individual. Indeed, while sales training is often underused and ineffective due to many factors, coaching for sales is often ignored completely and in doing so an organisation is missing out on a necessary and valuable input for driving results.

Our approach to coaching is more pragmatic than dogmatic.

We understand the principles and practices in ‘pure’ coaching but equally we recognise our clients need to achieve results as effectively as possible so endeavour to make interventions as practical as possible.

Area we can assist include

  • Embedding learning from training sessions
  • Developing a selling through partnering skills mindset
  • Improving specific PQ elements
  • Planning account activity
  • Designing personal development plans
  • Integrating partnering and selling skills

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